Solid Steel Hoarding

Heavy duty Solid Steel Hoarding

At ABSS, we have unrivalled experience in supplying and designing steel hoarding to suit every site condition and requirement. Available in 2.0m high as standard and 2.4m high to order. Panels can be hired or purchased (with a buyback option if required) and can be powder coated or painted to any corporate colour. With a full range of bracing systems and the ability to design solutions for unusual site conditions, we can supply high quality, safe, user friendly and value for money hoarding to any site. A full range of ancillaries and gates make the ABSS steel hoarding systems the most usable available. All our panels and ancillaries are manufactured using a fully mig welded construction for strength and safety.

Bracing Systems – Free standing (Safety cradle) system
The Safety cradle system of bracing the panels uses a ballast filled cradle (or stillage) fixed behind the panels with a triangular scaffold tube frame. Ballast weight is standard concrete building blocks but by being enclosed within the cradle, they are safe from being knocked over or removed by site staff. This ensures the correct amount of weight is always fixed to the panels so they stay safely erected with the correct amount of ballast (unlike systems that use free standing ‘piles’ of blocks). For ease of use and movement, filled cradles can be transported by machine or pallet truck on hard ground or can be emptied and refilled on soft dig applications if machines are not available. Our customers tell us that the safety cradle system is the safest, most flexible and user friendly weighted hoarding system currently on the market. Generally, the safety cradle system requires 1.5m of space behind the hoarding line to accommodate the cradles and frame. This system is ideal for sites where the line may have to be changed or moved, or where services prevent the use of posts penetrating the ground.

Bracing Systems – In-Ground system
The In-Ground system uses posts fixed into the ground behind the panels with the panels fixed to the posts using AB1 brackets. Posts can be core drilled into hard dig applications causing minimum disruption and minimal making good costs. On soft dig applications, posts are dug out and concreted into the ground. Special systems are available for extra heavy duty requirements. The in-ground system is ideal for sites with minimal underground services (posts can be fixed anywhere along a panel to avoid buried services) or where space is tight as it has a minimal profile.

Bracing systems – Other
Other bracing systems available are the boltdown system for short duration jobs on tarmac, block-=tray system for sheltered areas, Fix to scaffold system or bespoke systems using existing features to fix to (usually with a scaffold tube framework).

A full range of ancillaries are available including the following;

  • • Structural Heavy duty (posts in ground) vehicle gate sets.
  • • Half mesh Half solid vehicle gate sets.
  • • Solid vehicle gates.
  • • Pedestrian doors.
  • • Mesh height extensions.
  • • Vision windows and half & half panels.
  • • Privacy infills.
  • • Barbed wire extension arms.

Even if you aren’t certain what you need, give us a call and we will match a fencing style to your exact requirements.

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