Temporary Fencing

Temporary Fencing (anti-climb) panels & Ancillaries

We supply three main types of fencing panels. They are Safeweld HD, Safeweb HD and Roundtop HD. All the panels we manufacture are mig welded to give extra strength on the joints, and because every panel is made by hand, each one is checked as it is completed so we avoid the quality problems that can affect automated manufacturing. High levels of stocks are kept to ensure continuity of supply and shorten delivery times. We also keep large stocks of raw materials so when customers require non-stock panel designs and sizes, we can respond quickly. All our panels can be hired (weekly or contract ‘bulk’), purchased or purchased with a buyback option (Panel choice is limited to availability in the hire fleet). Subject to availability, we often have second hand fencing available for jobs on very tight budgets. All our products can be delivered on Crane off load vehicles if required, and a highly competent, professional installation Service is available if required.

The Safeweld Panel is a general use, heavy duty anti-climb panel ideal for most temporary fencing requirements. Our most popular panel, it is a heavy duty panel at a budget price. It is made from 35mm Heavy duty (British) tube and has a square top construction.

The Safeweb Panel is a Safeweld panel with corner webs added to give it even more strength. This panel is generally used by hire companies due to it’s durability and high re-use qualities as well as ease of repair should it ever get damaged. It is also used on sites where it may be subject to rougher handling or where that little bit of extra security is required.

Roundtop Panels are made from a single continuous tube for the top and sides and is ideal for any temporary fencing requirement. The Roundtop panel is the best looking panel available and has the strength of a Safeweb panel, although tends not to be used by hire companies as it can be difficult to repair if damaged.


Double Leaf Vehicle Gates are 7m opening as standard, have a sliding latch and keep (to tkae a padlock), to take a padlock and collar hinges.
Pedestrian Gates come complete with slam post and have a sliding latch and keep (to take a padlock), to take a padlock and a collar hinge.
Couplers are British made and the most heavy duty available on the market, so will not sprain when over tightened.
Rubber blocks are heavy duty with internal handles for safer lifting.
Universal Backstay braces are designed to fit any block and do not need to be threaded through the centre of a block.
Universal Block Frames are designed to take both rubber blocks, or dense concrete blocks.
Pindown Backstay & Pin are a standard backstay for use with a drive in pin (supplied).
Anti-lift Devices are designed to lock a panel into a block so it cannot be lifted out.
Anti-tamper Couplers have a shroud and specific nut that can only be used with the special adapter, and not with a
standard scaffold spanner.
Mesh Extensions add 400mm extra height to a panel (Safeweld and Safeweb panels only) and are made to order.
Barbed Wire Extension Arms add 400mm of extra height using 2 strings of barbed wire. Arms are cranked back in
towards a site (Safeweld & Safeweb panels only).
In-ground Kits are used where the panels need to be fixed into the ground to give a more permanent or stronger fixing.
Powder Coating is available to a single colour of your choice to match corporate requirements.
Bespoke Manufactring is available should you have any special requirements or need to fit a panel to a plastic barrier etc.

Temporary Fencing

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